Sunday, November 14, 2021

NFT Art Carnival

I created my first NFT. It was an epiphany awaking. I realized that this was just a little surface scratch in a huge revolution that is coming. This is the revolution of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Non Fungible Tokens, Crypto Wallets, and so on. I firmly believe that this will be my kid’s generation’s Internet, in that what the Internet was to our generation, this will be to hers.

It will affect the way money is made and spent. It will affect banking. It will affect economics. It will affect the way you are paid. It will affect your taxes. It will affect the idea of ownership of anything digital. Facebook, with its rebranding, is all in. Entire countries are adopting crypto as their official currency.

I also firmly believe that this is the thing that our generation, when we are old, will be confused and befuddled by. Our kids are going to be the ones that have to explain the technology over and over again to us and we still won’t get it. It will be overwhelming and we will be too old to adapt.

Mark my words. Hold onto your hats and keys. A big change is coming.