Friday, August 11, 2023

“Uliveto e Trattore”

I've been studying Van Gogh's olive grove paintings a bit. I then remembered that I took some pictures of some olive groves when I visited Italy a few years back. Digging them out, I discovered a few I liked. As a result, inspired by Van Gogh, I started on this small painting. I mean, it's not Van Gogh. It is just not. But, the inspiration is there.

After working on it for a while, I might have been going for Van Gogh, but ended up with Bob Ross. I'm not sure.

Even so, I've learned a few things: First, a stiffer brush is better than a softer brush. Two, structure in trees is better than too many curves. Three, Van Gogh may have outlined the trunks of his trees, but thinner lines are better than thick. Also, it is best to vary your line weight. Finally, alizarin crimson does not make a good trunk. Transparent oxide red is better.

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