Friday, October 31, 2008

The Drawing Studio: Drawing Fundamentals I, Week 3

To expand my drawing skills, I'm taking a class at the Drawing Studio, an artist cooperative here in Tucson. This is a series of posts outlining what we are doing in the class, week by week.

For week three, we were introduced to a new topic: value. We started out drawing a strip with five boxes. We then attempted to fill in those boxes with charcoal shading, going from light to dark. After we completed that, we did the same thing with seven boxes.

Once we completed our shaded boxes, we went on to a still life drawing. Like the week before, we sketched out the still life using a stick to measure proportions. After that, we shaded our drawings, using our shaded boxes as a guide.
A five step charcoal gradation.

A seven step charcoal gradation.

A two and half hour still life in charcoal and pencil. 18" x 24".

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