Friday, November 14, 2008

The Drawing Studio: Drawing Fundamentals I, Week 5

To expand my drawing skills, I'm taking a class at the Drawing Studio, an artist cooperative here in Tucson. This is a series of posts outlining what we are doing in the class, week by week.

Week five introduced us the the subject of perspective. Unlike the perspective techniques that we learned in High School, one or two point perspective, we learned how to measure perspective using our measuring stick.

To draw a cube shape, we labeled the hypothetical corner points with with letters and found the points like this:
  1. Find AB.
  2. Find the distance from AB to CD.
  3. Find point D on line AB.
  4. Compare AB's length to CD. (One face complete)
  5. Find distance of line EF from AB.
  6. Find point F on line AB.
  7. Compare length of EF to AB. (Second face complete)
  8. Find point G on line AE.

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