Sunday, May 3, 2009

Painting Studio with Betina Fink, Week 2

This is a six part series on the class I'm taking at The Drawing Studio, called Painting Studio with Betina Fink. All the work I will be doing in the class will be in acrylic paint.

This week we did a black and white painting of various items lined up with lights over them. There were many items to choose from and we had to choose three. I chose a conch shell, a gravy boat, and a clay figurine.

There are a few things that I wish that I'd done better. Compositionally, the three subjects are not integrated enough. It is a little like a slot machine. Also, scale-wise the gravy boat is huge, and conch shell is small -- again, making it look like three different paintings.

There are some things I like, though. For instance, I think that the texture of the various items are well represented. To be honest, I'm am just glad you can tell what the three items are in the painting. To me, that is mission accomplished, seeing that this is one of the first paintings I've done in about 20 years.

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