Thursday, November 5, 2009

Portrait Painting, Two Masters, Week 3

This is my second portrait painting class with Mariana Carreras. In this class we will be studying the works of two masters, Rembrandt and Frida Kahlo. I am working in oils.

For week three, we spent the final session on our painting, attempting to use some of the techniques that Rembrandt used. This time we played with color. We used translucent paints with medium, like raw sienna for some yellows, and burnt sienna for some reds. We also used some opaques like yellow ochre and titanium white. I even snuck in some cadmium red, even though that was not available in Rembrandt's time.

This week I focused in on the face of the model. In fact, the rest of the painting is pretty much untouched. As a result, I am including pictures of the full painting and a close-up of the face, so you can see all the color I used.

Obviously, the painting is not finished. I did take some pictures of the model, and, as much as I hate painting from photos, I plan to continue this painting.

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